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Risk Management RedBook


Risk Management RedBook

The RiskMAP REDBOOK is derived from the popular Essential Services Inspection System - ESIS system from Confirm Systems.

Established in 1998, Confirm Systems Pty Ltd developed the Essential Services Inspection System (ESIS) software to help building owners and managers meet their essential services maintenance obligations. ESIS is a well established and proven system currently used in over 10,000 buildings of all sizes, portfolios and types.

REDBOOK applies a 3 step process to compliance:



There are 2 key components to the REDBOOK System:

  1. Windows based software and
  2. Hard Copy Manual.

The REDBOOK software automatically generates the reports and records for the manual. Compliance can be achieved using the manual and optionally the software to monitor for task completion.

Customised for each property, the Risk Management REDBOOK contains inspection schedules and records
REDBOOK Software

The REDBOOK software database contains a library of some 80 standard essential safety measures with their respective inspection procedures and frequencies.

You can select services from the list or define your own equipment, for example,

  • Cooling Towers
  • Food Handling
  • Pest Control
  • Cleaning
  • Security

To set up, simply select the service or equipment type from the library, enter location details, assign dates and responsibility and generate the required customised schedules and records.

Schedules and records are kept in the on-site RiskMAP Manual for ongoing task management with completed records audited and archived as required.


The manual contains the required reports, records and inspection schedules to comply.

File the signed, hard copy records of inspections in the manual and tick off the scheduled tasks as they are completed.

Record Keeping for Compliance

The evidence component of compliance is achieved in implementing the system to manage the schedule, staff and contractors by keeping them informed, involved and accountable.

REDBOOK monitors compliance on a monthly basis producing compliance status reports in 4 KPI categories in a convenient report format listing:

  • Overdue tasks
  • Follow up tasks
  • Closed tasks
  • Current tasks

Hard copy records completed by the staff and contractors on completion of tasks provide the evidence you need to demonstrate compliance.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is achieved through regular reviews of systems and requirements. The REDBOOK System is continually being developed and enhanced to include:

  • Annual audits and sign off
  • Review procedures and competencies
  • Review staff and contractor performance
  • Changes to regulations and best practices
  • Systems support and updates
  • Staff & Contractor training
  • RiskMAP Licence includes:
  • REDBOOK Software Licence
  • Property Database
  • Manual Binder option - ready for customised records and reports
  • Help as an Operator & Tutorial Manual