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Online Fire Extinguisher Training Made Easy

Online fire extinguisher training is now the easiest and most efficient way to provide introductory training for staff, volunteers, contractors and clients in how to use an extinguisher in the event of a fire.

This online training module covers the theory components of fire extinguisher training. It can be treated as a stand alone training module or be used as a pre-requisite for a practical or hands-on extinguisher training session.

It's never been easier for contractors, staff and volunteers to take online induction and training.

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  • Customised content
  • Client web page (option)
  • Template instructions to inductees
  • Customised course certificate or InductionCard
  • Quiz questions
  • Customised confirmation emails
  • Copy of emails to course administrator
  • Administrator login and reporting
  • Automated reminder emails and re-inductions


You Will Learn

  • What are fire extinguishers
  • Theory of fire
  • Different fire types
  • Different extinguisher types
  • How to choose the correct extinguisher
  • How to use an extinguisher
  • How to use a fire blanket
  • How to use a fire hose reel
  • Standard Fire Orders
  • Useful safety tips

Choose from our standard course or customise to include emergency and evacuation topics for your organisational or site requirements.



Inductions need to be continuously monitored for changes, improvements and expiry. Regular re-inductions are required to help reinforce the safety message and update workers on any changes to requirements.