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Risk and compliance management solutions for property owners and managers

Property owners and managers are required by law to maintain essential health and safety measures in their facilities. Additionally, organisations are responsible for the safety of occupants whilst on the premises including workers and visitors.

Organisations are choosing to comply with these requirements by using risk management systems to manage these obligations properly and effectively.

RiskMAP (Risk Management Applications) applies best practice principles and processes to help organisations manage mandatory maintenance and safety processes by keeping workers and contractors informed, involved and accountable.


OH&S Inductions & Training

The Occupational Health & Safety Act makes property owners and managers responsible for the health and safety of staff and contractors working on their premises. Responsible organisations need to take steps to reduce their risks in this area. Formal contractor induction training is the best way to reduce risks and clearly establish the health, safety and conduct standards required by staff and contractors working on your premises.


Essential Health & Safety Measures

Building Regulations require owners and occupiers to maintain their buildings’ essential health and safety measures. Essential safety measures are the fire and life safety measures required in all commercial, industrial, public and health care buildings throughout Australia, including:

  • Exit & emergency lighting
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire hose reels
  • Exit doors
  • Paths of travel to exits
  • Fire and smoke alarm


Record Keeping for Compliance

Statutory inspection and testing of OH&S and essential services measures requires hard copy records to be kept for evidence and audit purposes. Failure to comply exposes owners, directors and managers to risks including fines, closure of the building, loss of accreditation and may adversely effect insurance cover.

There are 3 keys to compliance:

The requirement for essential safety measures is a condition of occupancy with vicarious liability applying to both owned and leased premises.


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